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Don't just take my word for it. Click the audio video to hear Ashaki's experience with the W.A.A.R.RIOR COME FORTH academy course.


What Can You Expect?

What Do You Gain?

Through this journey you learn to embrace the value of what makes you uniquely you. Your commitment to this process and all that is included will yield the best version of yourself. Your ultimate outcome is the moment you look in the mirror and can authentically say "I love you."

  • Confidence to show up with boldness in every environment

  • Identify obstacles hindering you to get unstuck

  • Improve relationships so that you keep the people that 's beneficial to your success

  • Peace of Mind to sleep better

  • Clarify your goals to make consistent progress towards your good future

  • Discover Your Purpose and walk in the confidence of who God created you to be

  • Embrace and Own Your True Identity and rise up as the bold warrior you really are on the inside, never again accepting the enemy's lies covered in shame, rejection and abandonment. YOU ARE YOUR DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL.


Senior Instructor

Tonja L. Davis M.Ed.

Tonja has been a certified educator in three different states for over 27 years. Her passionate dedication to teaching as a profession and as a calling, serving over 17 years as an ordained minister, has equipped her with experience, skills and qualifications to carry out this mandate on her life. Being consistently and constantly faced with the need to address the emotional health of her students and at times, her co-workers, Tonja finally decided to create a platform to meet those needs. Esther's Queen Academy was built as an extension of academics and daily responsibilities, to address the emotional and mental health of those struggling with "keeping it together". Tonja's passion to address the affects of rejection and abandonment in the lives of women, comes from her own experience with rejection and abandonment when her father left her life at the age of 7 and, seemingly, never looked back. As a certified Educator, certified Life Coach and Certified Mental Health Coach, Tonja confidently and positively impact the lives of women by empowering them with sustaining confidence to show up authentic in every environment.